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FFP: the Good Parts

2020-02-1110 Min Read — In FP

Functional Programming is a trending topic. Is it only hype or bringing real value? How can this help you today? This article aims at giving you practical ways in which you can improve your codebases using FP style programming. Functional Programming…

LLodash FP usage retrospective

2019-09-1414 Min Read — In War stories

My current project is completing its third year. From the start, we've been using aggressively the Lodash FP library through our whole JS & TS codebase, whether it's on the Back-End or Front-End. I recently performed a small analysis of our usage of…

BBetter branching with Lodash _.cond

2019-06-288 Min Read — In FP

Those nasty branches Have you already coded 2000 lines of if/then/else with crazy unreadable conditions? Have you updated/debugged/refactored this code to always see a test fail? (you do have unit tests, don't you?) Have you raged at the moment your…