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RRedux Selector colocation in practice

2020-07-209 Min Read — In War stories

My current Redux project I wanted to write about Redux for some time now. My first take with this library was probably around the end of 2015. I discovered a state management approach that solved a complex problem with simple logic. I also loved…

AAngularJS Migration War Story

2020-05-109 Min Read — In War stories

Killing in the MEAN I recently came across these tweets from Mark Erikson (main maintainer of Redux). I just got assigned to a project with a classic MEAN AngularJS 1.x codebase. Coming from React, it's frightening. "Controllers", "services…

LLodash FP usage retrospective

2019-09-1414 Min Read — In War stories

My current project is completing its third year. From the start, we've been using aggressively the Lodash FP library through our whole JS & TS codebase, whether it's on the Back-End or Front-End. I recently performed a small analysis of our usage of…