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LLodash FP usage retrospective

14.09.201914 Min Read — In War stories

My current project is completing its third year. From the start, we've been using aggressively the Lodash FP library through our whole JS & TS codebase, whether it's on the Back-End or Front-End. I…

GGreat GraphQL tools

13.09.20197 Min Read — In GraphQL

Two years into GraphQL My team recently had to work on the technical design for a whole new part in our main web app. We had to understand the requirements, challenge them and finally transpose them…

TThe only time I use var

26.07.20197 Min Read — In Programmer lifehacks

Var is obsolete First thing first. Of the three ways to declare a variable in JavaScript, has no place in your codebase, and most of the time that you are tempted to use , there's a better way to…

BBetter branching with Lodash _.cond

28.06.20198 Min Read — In FP

Those nasty branches Have you already coded 2000 lines of if/then/else with crazy unreadable conditions? Have you updated/debugged/refactored this code to always see a test fail? (you do have unit…