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RRedux Selector colocation in practice

20.07.20209 Min Read — In War stories

My current Redux project I wanted to write about Redux for some time now. My first take with this library was probably around the end of 2015. I discovered a state management approach that solved a…

AAngularJS Migration War Story

10.05.20209 Min Read — In War stories

Killing in the MEAN I recently came across these tweets from Mark Erikson (main maintainer of Redux). I just got assigned to a project with a classic MEAN AngularJS 1.x codebase. Coming from React, it…

TThe hidden power of Promise.resolve()

09.03.20204 Min Read — In Programmer lifehacks

There are many reasons why I love promises. Truth to be told, I often prefer them to the more recent , more on that on another time, probably. Today, we will be looking at a small good pattern that I…

FFP: the Good Parts

11.02.202010 Min Read — In FP

Functional Programming is a trending topic. Is it only hype or bringing real value? How can this help you today? This article aims at giving you practical ways in which you can improve your codebases…